Australian Glow

Australian Glow is a serious tanning brand, for serious tanners. Australian owned and made, we are very excited to introduce this fun brand into our portfolio. It is ok to be serious and have fun at the same time!

Quality formulations that deliver the ultimate consumer experience. Environmentally conscious with every aspect of brand and packaging designed to leave no footprint. Retail sweet spot of affordable pricing whilst still luxurious. Powerful packaging that pops on the shelf. Great GP for retailers.

The savvy founders of Australian Glow realised when they created their brand, that the Australian market was dominated by a category killer and to go up against them as an emerging brand would be difficult. They have used the last two years to perfect formulations, trial packaging options and launch into overseas markets devoid of the same brand domination with success.

With all of these things in place, and a recommendation from a key wholesaler merchandise manager and a number of banner group buyers, they approached Alita Sales. Requiring our skill in securing banner group ranging, our ability to merchandise in Priceline where is it currently ranged and our ability to physically reach more retailers with our team of 20 sales people, than competitors.

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