baresop. is a modern-day zero-waste personal care brand that keeps your body clean – and your conscience too.

For as long as we’ve been using them, our shampoo, conditioner, hand wash and home cleaning products have been sold in disposable plastic bottles. Not only do these bottles end up in landfills, but they require tonnes of carbon emissions to transport their weight around the world.

The solution is baresop. A plant-based hand and body powder concentrate delivered in a certified home-compostable sachet. Simply add water to the patented power concentrate and you have a beautiful foaming hand or body wash that is luxurious and moisturising.. Baresop is a zero-waste solution that’s better for you and the planet, without compromise on product performance or aesthetics.

Helping bring the Zero Waste Movement to Pharmacy

Being new to pharmacy, baresop partnered with Alita Sales so our experienced Key Account team could help guide them through the launch process with the banner groups.  Being such an innovative new product they also wanted to get to market quickly and our large team of 20 reps ensures we are visiting the maximum amount of accounts to make sales in a minimum amount of time.

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