Partners since 2008
Footlogics offers a wide range of TGA approved, medical grade orthotic insoles for every type of footwear, aimed at different activities or foot complaints. The Footlogics range includes orthotics for children and Orthotic Thongs and slides that help you look good and feel great!

Foot pain to sales gain

Footlogics came to Alita Sales as a start-up brand looking to take on the industry leader. They wanted to change the way Orthotics were sold, by focusing on specific podiatry solutions to problems rather than focusing on generic orthotics for generic “foot pain”. The brand chose Alita Sales due to our strong relationships with community pharmacy and our proven success in the category. Alita Sales met the challenges of this market with new messaging that spoke directly about defined needs. The brand has grown from a small range of products to a total offering for consumers suffering foot and biomechanical problems.

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