Partners since 2020

Thin Lizzy premium beauty brand was created in New Zealand in 2005. Thin Lizzy’s mission is:

Create and make accessible high quality ‘best of the best’ products that can be used by anyone, at any age, on any income – because everybody should have the opportunity to look good and feel glamorous.

The brand primarily focuses on makeup and powders, Thin Lizzy has also introduced amazing grooming accessories to their range such as the best-selling U-Curl hair curler.

Refining their Go to Market Sales Strategy

Thin Lizzy was looking for a specialised, brand building sales team who knew how to grow sales in beauty. One of Australia’s largest pharmacy retailers recommended Alita Sales. In response to the changing retail landscape with the removal of testers and in-store demonstrators, Alita refined their sales material and in-store strategy. New management of the Key Accounts cemented this approach to deliver improved results for both Thin Lizzy and the retailers.

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