How Alita works with No.1 Brands

We at Alita Sales are proud to represent our no.1 brands like Kenkay, Excilor, Natio and Reclens and support their growth through the services we offer. We have a deep understanding of the pharmacy market and we build long term partnerships and relationships with our brands to work together to build and sustain growth. Some of the ways we support our brands are:

National Field Coverage

We provide field services to over 4,000 pharmacies nationally, encompassing both independent and banner group pharmacies, as well as regional and smaller establishments.

Our dedicated team is one of the most extensive in the Australian pharmacy sector, boasting a workforce of more than 30 professionals, comprising territory managers, key account managers, and merchandisers.

Full Warehousing and Distribution Capability

Alita Sales operates an on-site warehouse in Sydney, enabling us to offer a comprehensive distribution service to our clients. This service ensures next-day distribution to the majority of pharmacies throughout Australia. Our streamlined approach accelerates a brand’s entry into the market, allowing the benefits of repeat sales sooner.


Tailored Pharmacy Order Fulfilment

A distinguishing feature of our services is our capacity to offer versatile delivery methods for your brand to reach pharmacies. We can accommodate a variety of distribution models, including a combination of multiple options, such as:
● Wholesale direct to store via our distribution centres
● Turnover order via EDI to Pharmacy Wholesalers (API, Sigma, Symbion, CH2)
● Commission Agency – we take the order and turn it over to you to supply directly from your warehouse

Reporting, IT and Analytics

The marketing team at Alita Sales collaborates closely with you to craft marketing messages that perfectly align with your brand. Drawing on our extensive industry experience, we offer expert guidance on the most efficient strategies for engaging with pharmacy customers. Additionally, our established systems are designed to swiftly execute and evaluate the impact of new campaigns and product launches.

Marketing and Communications

We maintain consistent communication with pharmacies through our interactive newsletters and EDMs. Our monthly marketing initiatives are designed to convey exclusive offers, product updates, targeted messages, and personalised email outreach, supported by proactive sales calls. We stay attuned to market trends and have efficient systems in place to ensure swift and effective communication with our valued pharmacy customers.

Our No.1 Brands

Our brands reach the converted position of no.1 in pharmacy in their category in four fundamental ways. The first way like our Kenkay brand Is through quality and consistency in their product formula. The second way is to take on a tired category with a new approach and support the brand with a strong consumer educational message like Excilor. The third way like Natio is by continually delivering superior quality products at a consistently affordable price point. The last approach is with a product formulation that doesn’t aim to be better; it aims to be a complete innovation like Reclens. Our brands have reached this through consistency, partnerships and passion.


Alita’s partnership with No.1 brands is through a commitment to facilitating growth and success. Our comprehensive services, including national field coverage, efficient distribution, tailored order fulfilment, and strong marketing support, serve as the foundation for building long-lasting brand relationships.

The success of our No.1 brands is attributed to their unwavering focus on quality, innovation, affordability, and consumer education. Alita’s dedication to consistency, passion, and innovation reinforces our position as a trusted partner in the ever-evolving marketplace.

If you have a brand that needs representation in sales, marketing & communications, analytics & IT and or distribution or if you’d like to learn more about how Alita Sales can partner with your Brand, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out and contact us here.

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