How does a brand become number one in its Category?

At Alita Sales, we work closely with our brands to unlock Australia-wide pharmacy sales, provide key account management and distribution service options, all with the goal of maximising sales and taking & maintain a brand as no.1 in it’s category. We understand what it’s like working with no.1 brands and what it takes to achieve and maintain no.1 category status.

In this article, we delve into what makes a brand become the no.1 in its category in pharmacy, how stocking these brands can boost sales and customer traffic for pharmacies, and why customers love no.1 category brands like Natio, Kenkay, Reclens and Excilor.

The importance of understanding Good Margins

In the retail world, margins are a crucial factor. Good margins mean that the pharmacy can maintain profitability while offering competitive prices. The first step on the road to no.1 success is making sure your brand finds the right balance between competitive margins and competitive RRP to ensure you as a brand are delivering to pharmacy the sales volume at the right margin that is essential for pharmacy success.

Whether a brand new to market, or an existing brand looking to grow sales, Alita Sales works with all our brands to ensure that their offer is right for our pharmacy customers. The old saying “you can’t bank margin” is true, but there is also no point in a pharmacy selling brands with such low margin that doesn’t provide profitability for the space that it takes in pharmacy. Alita Sales always looks to both sides of the argument to make it a win- win offer for the brand and the pharmacy.

The Power of consistency

Achieving the coveted number one status in a category often requires a strategic blend of time-tested formulas, innovative product offerings, and a keen understanding of evolving customer preferences.

Kenkay, for instance, maintains its no.1 status by adhering to its unchanged premium Sorbolene formulas, which have earned the trust and loyalty of generations.

One of the reasons Natio maintains its no.1 status in 5 different categories is due to the brand’s 30-year commitment to a consistent range of key best-selling products across the range. Natio then works constantly through innovative programs such as Christmas gift giving and GWP to ensure that these products are introduced constantly to a new audience of pharmacy consumers.


Innovation of a tired category

One way a brand can achieve no.1 category status is by providing innovation in a category that has been devoid of product innovation.  Bringing a truly different product to market in a tired category however, must be supported by education and awareness campaigns both to the pharmacy staff and customers alike. Always remember the saying “ you can’t sell a secret!”. Alita Sales work with our brands on developing ideas around cost effective marketing campaigns, point of sale options and communication strategies to bring product innovation to the market.

Saline solution is probably not the most exciting category in pharmacy you would have to agree, however, Reclens Saline solution has managed to revolutionize the saline market with a superior formulation that is not just better, but a complete innovation. It is the exceptional customer experience this product provides that ensures Reclens dominates the saline category with nearly 80% market share and no.1 status.

Meanwhile, Excilor’s commitment to continuous product innovation within a tired category has propelled it to no.1, offering quality solutions that stand out in the market by not just treating the problem of fungal nail but also helping customers get around the barriers to successful treatment. The new Excilor Ultra Fungal Nail treatment that is coloured like nail polish and comes with a matching polish for the unaffected toes is a completely unique way of overcoming one of the problems of successful treatment in women. Their ascent to no.1 in the category has been achieved over 3 years of constant communication and education about the product to the market.

The Power of Number One Pharmacy Brands in Boosting Pharmacy Sales

One of the sure-fire way to boost sales in a pharmacy is to stock brands that are no.1 in pharmacy. It is important to make the distinction between no.1 in pharmacy as opposed to no. 1 in retail generally.  Pharmacy staff spend a lot of time advising customers on product selection, so you want to make sure your range has as much pharmacy only product as possible, so your customers come back to your pharmacy for repeat purchase and not other channels where possible. Customers seek out trusted and reputable names when making health and wellness choices, but they are often most swayed by recommendations from trusted sources. By offering the leading pharmacy only brands in a particular category, pharmacies can inspire confidence in their customers product selection and ensure that they return for repeat purchases to the pharmacy.

What do all brands have in common when looking to achieve no.1 Category status?

All brands require some way of communicating their offer to both consumers and pharmacy. For most brands, multimillion dollar adverting campaigns are out of the question.  A strong sales team that can communicate the benefits of your product to the pharmacy and work with product managers to ensure that the best offer goes to market is essential, whether that be an in-house team or an outsourced sales team like Alita Sales.

At Alita Sales, we work with our brands to ensure the right selling messages are communicated to pharmacy and that the sales team are well versed in these messages. We focus not only on what to sell, but also how to sell. Does your sales team know not only what to sell but how to sell?


Becoming the number one brand in a pharmacy requires a combination of factors, including product quality and consistency, innovation in the product offer or the sales offer. Stocking these brands can significantly boost sales and customers, while understanding margins is crucial for maintaining profitability. Brands like Natio, Kenkay, Reclens and Excilor serve as inspiring examples of how dedication to customer needs and a commitment to excellence can propel a brand to number one status in the pharmacy sector.

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