How Excilor became a no.1 Pharmacy brand

As a company that represents over 4000 pharmacies nationally, including independent and banner group pharmacies and regional and smaller pharmacies we understand the importance of having a number one brand in category in pharmacy. There are several ways that the brands we represent achieve no.1 status in their category. See our last article for ways brands achieve number one. One way Is quality and consistency in their product formula. The second way we will discuss here.

In this article we discuss Excilor’s success in achieving the position of no.1 selling Fungal Nail Care brand in Pharmacy, and how they reached this.

Offering product innovation in a tired category: How Excilor became no.1

One way to become a no.1 brand is to take on a tired category with a new approach and support the brand with a strong consumer educational approach. Whilst well established in market, Excilor was a consistent #3 player in Fungal Nail treatments in 2019. With the #1 and #2 player becoming complacent, Excilor took on the role of category education through Search, Social and Online Video.

Delivering consistent in-market execution delivered strong growth for the brand as new consumers came into the category to treat their fungal nail infections. To build on this momentum, Excilor launched innovation based on key consumer and category insights that delivered incremental growth, and resulted in the brand achieving the #1 position in the category in 2023.



We’ve delved into the inspiring journey of how Excilor have gained their no.1 spot in the Fungal Nail Category. Their rise to the top was no accident—it was a result of a carefully crafted strategy that encompassed category rejuvenation, a strong focus on educating customers, and some savvy marketing.

Excilor’s dedication to demonstrating the quality and effectiveness of their products, especially in treating fungal nail infections, played a pivotal role in their remarkable achievement. By breathing fresh life into a somewhat tired category and going the extra mile to educate consumers, they managed to outshine their competitors.

Their story reminds us of the power of innovation, persistent marketing efforts, and putting customers at the heart of everything, making Excilor a friendly face at the no.1 spot in your local pharmacy.


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