Marketing & Communications

The Alita Sales marketing and sales team works in partnership with you to help develop the right marketing messages for your brand.

We have the industry experience to guide you and your brand on the most effective ways to reach our pharmacy customers.

Our systems in place quickly execute and measure new campaigns and launches.

Getting the message right

The first place that we start working on you is with the key messaging in your sales presenter material. Does your brands material meet the A.I.D.A principle?

Attention, Interest, Desire and Action is the most important points all sales material must meet. We work with you and keep refining your message to ensure maximum sales success.

Newsletter and EDMs

Alita Sales is in regular contact with pharmacies with our interactive newsletters and edm’s. We market monthly to communicate special offers, product updates, targeted messages and personalised e-mailing and sales calls.

We are responsive to market trends and have the systems in place to communicate quickly and effectively with our pharmacy customers.

Our monthly newsletter enjoys very high rates of engagement and is a strong sales support tool and driver of sales.  We work with you to make sure your message generates a strong call to action.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a vital part of any brand’s marketing today. We support our brand clients by communicating their brand messages via our Alita Sales Facebook and Instagram pages to our pharmacy audience.

Producing content that is relevant and creates call to action is a challenge for most businesses, including our pharmacy customers. Alita Sales supports our pharmacies by creating content on brands and their products that pharmacies can share with their customers that entices and educates.