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5 Pillars of Alita Sales Merchandising and Training

Making sure all sales and merchandising staff who represent a business are thoroughly and regularly trained is crucial to sales success. This requires a clear strategy and a large investment in both time and money. This is the reason that many brands outsource their sales representation to Alita Sales.

At Alita Sales we believe in training staff (and retail pharmacy staff) in product knowledge as well as sales skills. Consequently, our experienced and knowledgeable sales managers, sales staff and merchandisers have a combination of both product knowledge and sales skills. They are trained to pass this knowledge onto retail pharmacy staff to assist them represent and sell the products of the brands we represent better.

1. Educating Pharmacy Staff

Our partner brands are represented in pharmacies by the pharmacy staff in any interaction they may have with a consumer, hence it is important that pharmacy staff are adequately trained to be able to effectively explain the benefits of our suppliers products accurately and persuasively.

Alita Sales regularly trains and updates the pharmacy staff that we work with, to ensure that they are alway up to date on any necessary product knowledge and are able to explain the benefits of our brands to customers.

Whilst you may have a sales force of extremely knowledgeable, competent pharmacy staff who know all the products on the shelf thoroughly, if they lack the necessary sales skills to communicate with a customer, their knowledge is wasted. It is therefore vitally important for sales staff representing a brand in a pharmacy to be able to build relationships, negotiate, prospect, actively listen and effectively communicate to the customers who walk into the pharmacy.

 Alita Sales ensures pharmacy staff representing any brand we work with receive both our leading product knowledge and sales skills through regular training with ongoing support to guarantee that pharmacists and pharmacy staff are equipped with superior product knowledge and effective selling skills.

2. Effective Key Account Management

Account managers need to be good at communicating, have significant company and customer expertise, leadership, relationship building and negotiation skills to be successful at their job. Staff who excel at just a few of these skills and neglect the balance, will not provide the adequate support required by the sales staff.

 The Key Account Managers at Alita Sales have vast experience working with the buyers of all banner groups and wholesalers. They understand how to build win/win solutions for all parties, and we work collaboratively with our brands in all interactions with banner groups. Alita Sales is constantly investing in our Key Account Managers and our relationships with the banner groups through sponsorships of conferences and trade shows and regular meetings nationally with our key trading partners.

3. Educating Merchandisers


A good merchandiser will have keen organisational awareness, strong communication skills, be creative, be able to balance time management and have solid market and product knowledge. A merchandiser who neglects one or more of these skills may not be able to convey the benefits of a product to a customer when they are setting up a display or if they are lacking the time management skills, they may not have left enough time in the day to set up an agreed upon display.

 Merchandisers need to be reliable and consistent and if they aren’t regularly trained/presented with the latest product knowledge they simply won’t provide the consistency that your Brand needs.

 Alita Sales provides all merchandisers with ongoing training and support to ensure that they are sufficiently able to manage their time and convey the benefits of your product to pharmacy staff as they are setting up displays.

4. Simple Training Materials

Having well designed, frequently updated training materials makes the difficult job of keeping your staff knowledgeable and your pharmacy partners up to date simple. If you don’t currently have training materials like this for your staff, it makes the training process tedious and drawn out. If you aren’t regularly presenting materials to your pharmacy partner’s, they will naturally fall out of the loop, resulting in communication breakdown.

 Alita Sales is keenly aware of this and therefore we provide advice to our brand partners on what is needed to get the best results for brand exposure. Alita also has experience working with third party tech and platforms that can assist our brands in getting their training to a wider market.

5. Effective Merchandising and POS Materials


It is equally important to have effective materials for POS (point of sale) and merchandising as it is to have sales and training materials for pharmacy staff and Territory and Key Account Managers. Brands that have effective POS strategies maximise brand presence in store and increased sell through. Brands that don’t have merchandising material will not stand out visibly from competitors on shelf.

 Alita Sales employ a dedicated team of merchandisers that execute displays in store, supported by our warehouse locations that store and distribute our POS materials to stores. Ensuring wherever possible that the sales staff are focused on selling whilst being supported by merchandisers on in store execution.

Need help training staff?

Alita sales is keenly aware of the necessary sales and product skills required to ensure your brand is receiving the best possible representation in pharmacies Australia wide. If you would like to hear more about how our training can help your brand grow, please get in touch with us.

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