Natio and their journey to No.1 in Pharmacy

Our team at Alita is one of the largest in the Australian pharmacy market with over 26 sales members including territory managers, key account managers and merchandisers. We understand the importance of a no.1 brand in its category in pharmacy and love supporting leading brands accomplishments.

There are several ways that the brands we represent achieve no.1 status in their category. See our recent article for ways brands achieve number one. One way Is quality and consistency in their product formula. The second way is to take on a tired category with a new approach and support the brand with a strong consumer educational approach. The third way we will discuss here.

In this article we discuss why Natio are no.1 in pharmacy, what is it that customers love and why customers keep coming back.

Natio ranks number one: a testament to homegrown beauty

Natio’s journey to becoming a number one brand in Community Pharmacy is a testament to their commitment to providing quality products to meet the changing needs of their customers countrywide.

Since its inception 30 years ago, Natio heard the desire for an Australian cosmetics and skincare brand with a focus on natural ingredients backed by science, with the understanding that nature nurtures best. By consistently delivering superior quality products at a consistently affordable price point, Natio has earned the trust and loyalty of a dedicated customer base. Their focus on natural ingredients and value for money has resonated with Australian consumers.

Natio has always found opportunities to offer customers incentives, with premium gifts with purchase and accessories throughout promotional periods. The Natio gift pack has become a mainstay during holiday seasons, with Natio gift sets providing consumers gifting solutions, as well as moments of self-care and pampering. Today, Natio is one of the largest gift-giving brands in Australia offering consumers and retailers an easy way to try the range for the first time, or return to their familiar favourites.


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