Reclens: Their journey to no.1

At Alita Sales, one of our points of difference is our ability to provide flexible ways to get your brand delivered to pharmacies. Whilst we are well known for our distribution capabilities, we also have very strong relationships with the pharmacy wholesalers. 50% of our portfolio of products is distributed not through our warehouse but via API, Sigma or Symbion. In this article we feature one of our strongest wholesaler brands and detail how it rose to and continues to maintain its status as the no.1 selling product in the Optical Saline category in pharmacy.

There are several ways that the brands we represent achieve no.1 status in their category. See our recent article for ways brands achieve number one. One way Is quality and consistency in their product formula. The second way is to take on a tired category with a new approach and support the brand with a strong consumer educational approach. The third way is by consistently delivering superior quality products at a consistently affordable price point. The last approach we will discuss here.

Reclens: Redefining Excellence in the Saline Solution Category

In the world of pharmacy, it’s not always about striving to be better; it’s about daring to be different. While saline solution might not be the most glamorous category on the pharmacy shelves, Reclens Saline solution has achieved something truly remarkable.

It has revolutionized the saline market with a formulation that doesn’t aim to be better; it aims to be a complete innovation. This distinctive approach to product development, combined with an unwavering commitment to the customer experience, has propelled Reclens to the top of the saline category, boasting nearly 80% market share and earning the coveted no.1 status.

A Paradigm Shift in the Saline Market

Saline solution is often seen as a mundane and standardised product. However, Reclens has challenged this status quo by introducing a saline solution that stands apart from the rest. Rather than aiming for incremental improvements over existing products, Reclens dared to be different and introduced an innovative formulation that redefines excellence in the category.


The Exceptional Customer Experience

Reclens Saline solution doesn’t just promise quality; it delivers an exceptional customer experience. The product’s formulation is not only safe and effective but also designed to provide superior comfort for contact lens wearers. This innovative approach ensures that customers using Reclens Saline solution enjoy a level of convenience and satisfaction that is unparalleled in the category.

Dominating the Market

Reclens’s pioneering approach to product development and its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction have made it a dominant force in the saline category. With nearly 80% market share, Reclens has solidified its position as the go-to brand for saline solutions in pharmacies across the nation. This no.1 status is a testament to the brand’s ability to stand out from the crowd and provide a product that truly makes a difference in the lives of its customers.

Don’t Be Better, Be Different

The success of Reclens in the saline category serves as a powerful reminder that in the competitive world of retail, being different can be a game-changer. While other brands may focus on incremental improvements, Reclens chose to innovate, offering a product that redefines excellence. It’s not about being marginally better; it’s about setting a new standard and enhancing the customer experience.


Reclens’s journey to no.1 status in the saline category exemplifies the power of being different. By introducing a truly innovative product and prioritizing customer satisfaction, Reclens has not only dominated the market but also raised the bar for the entire category.

This success story reminds us that in the world of pharmacy, it’s often the brands that dare to be different that truly shine. When customers encounter a brand that goes above and beyond to provide an exceptional product and experience, it leads to market leadership and unwavering customer loyalty, much like Reclens’s journey in the saline solution category.

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