Reporting, IT & Analytics

Alita Sales grows the brands we represent through using business intelligence (BI) analysis tools and information “from the field”, providing regular customer insights as well as real time reporting. We are also able to provide this data to our brand partners to ensure gaining an edge over their competitors. To maximise the growth and development of their business.

Ability to gain Customer Insights


Using business intelligence tools, our team and our brand partners can analyse retailer and consumer buying patterns and trends in product and stock to make better informed decisions. Capitalising on these customer insights is vital to the success and growth of our Brands as we can act on these insights with existing and prospective suppliers more quickly than competing brands.

Alita Sales also continuously surveys and gathers feedback from our merchandisers, territory and account managers to hear their gained insights from pharmacy staff, pharmacy managers and banner group decision-makers. We then consolidate and pass this feedback and insight to the suppliers we represent, allowing them to act on and make the most out of opportunities for growth and development of their brand.

Real-time Reporting

With Real Time reporting, AlitaSales and our brand partners have instant access to accurate, up-to-date information which can then be used to guide business strategy and decisions. Having access to relevant, up-to-date data enables us to stay informed about the market continuously. It also gives us and our brand partners the ability to make decisions backed by data.

These sophisticated business intelligence reporting tools that provide sales insights, allow extensive reporting capabilities that can be tailored to a brand’s needs to identify new opportunities and act on them swiftly.

Better Marketing Efforts


By using business intelligence software and precise data analysis, our brands’ and our marketing team create more effective, direct to customer and social media marketing campaigns, that produce greater ROI. Through analysing past and current campaigns and their effect on sales and distribution we can “hone” future marketing campaigns, maintain and grow sales.

Our analysis tools and information “from the field”, assist brands to assess, and if necessary, refocus their product strategy by working out which products are more important to the market.

Competitive Advantage

By using business intelligence, gaining actionable insights, creating better products, more effective marketing and understanding the market better, our brands gain a competitive advantage.

If your brand doesn’t have access to these tools and market feedback to gain an edge over the competition, you may are missing a valuable opportunity.

Need help understanding your customers better?

Alita Sales has been helping brands gain a competitive edge in the retail pharmacy market for 25 years through leading market knowledge.

We not only help brands grow their sales through better representation, but assist brands understand their customers better and respond to market trends.

If your brand could use help from Alita Sales, please feel free to contact us.

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