Sales Leader Challenges #1

As we are midway through the year now is the best time to look back at your key objectives and whether you are achieving them. To help assess this, we looked at some research put together by Gartner on the main priorities Sales Managers wanted to achieve in 2022.

The #1 Priority – Improving Pipeline Creation

Gartner’s research said that in 2022, 72% of Sales Leaders stated improving pipeline creation as their top priority. This is hardly surprising as identifying and being able to build new business is critical to long term business sustainability.

In fact, according to the Gartner research 70% of Sales Managers are investing or considering investments in the sales development function to generate pipeline. Some of the ways the research Sales Leaders could achieve pipeline creation were by improving specialised coverage, data sourcing, having sales playbooks and data-driven call coaching.

Resources can be a barrier

Given internal headcount restrictions, an overwhelm of data, lack of time to create playbooks and do call coaching, it’s often difficult for a sales leader to achieve this pipeline creation.

Because sales development and building pipeline is in the core DNA of our business, here’s what we have used to build pipeline ISO far in 2022 for the Sales Leaders of Brands we represent:

  • Greater Coverage to allow for specialisation
    Because Alita services over 4000 pharmacies nationally, including independent and banner group pharmacies and regional and smaller pharmacies, we have allowed the Sales Leaders of our Brands access to coverage that is difficult to achieve by building in an in-house capability.
  • Sales Playbooks and Coaching to deliver better results
    Our sales team are professional salespeople, skilled in creating sales opportunities and delivering sales results. But we haven’t just relied on a few key people, we have built sophisticated sales automation tools and continually train our team of key account and territory managers, as well as merchandisers, both in sales skills and product knowledge
  • Superior Business Intelligence drives decisions
    Alita Sales has 95% of all Australian Pharmacy Groups and 89% of Australian Pharmacies in our Distribution coverage plus the largest national team of pharmacy reps making scheduled regular calls. This provides us with an unrivalled “in-pharmacy” intelligence of almost the whole Australian Retail Pharmacy market.

    Using our powerful reporting tools, we compare the market with snapshot of current representation to identify gaps in revenue opportunities as well as Key Account Management insights.

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