Sales Leader Challenges #2

As we mentioned in a previous post as we now halfway through 2022, we are reflecting on our Sales Goals for 2022, whether they are being achieved and what is stopping us and our clients from achieving them.

Challenge #2: Increasing Returns on Key Accounts

The research showed that 65% of Sales Leaders rated an increase on returns for their key accounts as a top priority. Identifying, nurturing, and growing those relationships is critical if sales leaders are expected to lower selling costs while producing stronger results.

How Outsourcing Helps

By outsourcing your sales team, Sales Leaders simply have more time to focus on key accounts programs to help them grow. When you have a diverse sales team trying to cover a market of 4,000 Australian pharmacies, it’s near impossible to cover the market and keep a team focused on key account programs.

At Alita Sales one of the main benefits we offer is the ability to give Sales Leaders both coverage and support to focus on key account growth as well as provide independent market insights that can be fed back to help to grow key accounts.

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