Tailored Fulfillment

Why your brand needs flexible distribution options

In a retail market as competitive as pharmacy in which some brands use major wholesalers, some sell direct and some use commission agents, it is important to have a choice. The opportunity to be able to pick one of the three options or a combination of all three. Unless you have this flexibility, you could accidentally choose the wrong distribution option and cripple your ability to quickly gain distribution that may leave you falling behind your competitors.

Alita Sales offer total flexibility for suppliers to have their brand delivered to the pharmacy channel. Alita can offer distribution through our warehouses, distribution via the major pharmacy wholesalers, distribution via the brand’s warehouse, or a flexible combination of multiple distribution options.

Brokerage or Agency Sales

If your Brand requires a salesforce to reach the widest number of possible pharmacy doors and “turn in” orders to the major pharmacy wholesalers, we can assist. We have excellent, long-established relationships with all major wholesalers and their banner groups. If your brand requires distribution through the major pharmacy wholesalers Alita Sales can work on a commission sales model meaning that all orders generated by our field force, in the pharmacies we work with, are sent directly to the pharmacy wholesalers.

 The benefit of partnering with Alita Sales through this model is that you enjoy the benefits of a large sales force without change to how your products are distributed.  Additionally, there is no chance of fracturing any long-standing relationships you currently have with pharmacy wholesalers. In this model Alita is working in a brokerage capacity only, consequently the existing pharmacy wholesaler still distributes your brand as they have previously.

Distribution via Alita Sales Warehouses

Your brand may require a combination of an Australia wide field sales team plus tailored distribution. With distribution centres in NSW and WA, Alita Sales can offer next day delivery to pharmacies Australia wide. Our Alita sales warehouses have the latest in electronic pick/packing order fulfilment, provide storage and delivery of POS materials as well as invoicing for brands that need this full-service distribution model.

If your brand doesn’t wish to have your products distributed exclusively by the major pharmacy wholesalers and feel that they are not adequately serviced by a large wholesaler, distribution via Alita Sales may be just the solution. And if you don’t have the capability internally Alita Sales could be the answer to your problem.

Distribution via the Brands Warehouse

If you already have your own distribution warehouse or 3PL and only require a sales team to represent your Brand in the field, Alita Sales can assist. In this instance, Alita Sales can provide a solution through a sales team on a commission sales basis whilst providing additional support from our Key Account Management to Banner Groups in each state.

Need a Hybrid Distribution Model?

Whether you need one, two or a combination of all three of these different distribution methods, we are happy to work with you on a solution that suits your brand as our objective is to create the best possible distribution model for you as a business.


Alita Sales stands apart from other Outsourced Sales companies as most competitors will offer only one out of three sales / distribution methods whereas Alita offers all three. You can choose to use one, two or three distribution models and mix and match as you need to suit your business.


If your business needs flexibile, customisable distribution options for Brands, if you want your brand to be represented by a company that can offer multiple distribution options, please feel free reach out to us.

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