The Doorman Fallacy

We found an article from Pharmaphorum on The Doorman Fallacy” thought-provoking. You can read the full Article on our Alita Sales LinkedIn page.

The article discussed how the demise of the pharmaceutical sales representative has been greatly exaggerated over the years. But in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there appeared to be an even greater need to re-examine the rep’s role.

While the article was primarily outlining challenges and changes in sales representatives calling on doctors and hospitals, the same discussion regarding challenges can easily be applied to sales representatives calling on retail pharmacy.

A number of companies because of restrictions during COVID, are now looking at virtual meetings as a replacement for sales representatives calling on clients and prospects. However the article warns that the exercise of re-evaluating the sales force should not be viewed as an efficiency drive.

Why? Because sometimes when a business takes away roles in the interest of cost-cutting, they don’t fully understand what real impact this may have on their business. For example by taking away the role of a salesperson calling face to face it might sound efficient, but what effect does that have if your salesperson is demonstrating how to use or sell a product better and building long-term relationships?

The resulting lost revenue from not having the salesperson perform these tasks may very well outweigh any short term cost saving!

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