The importance of clever POS materials

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Expanded scope of practice and increased services are wonderful recognition of a pharmacist’s training, skill and recognition as primary health care provider. With this comes increased time pressures whilst already dealing with staff shortages. Less time to personally assist customers with other general pharmacy lines, health and beauty.

Therefore the importance of merchandising in-store to help pharmacy owners is greatly increased.

The benefits of great POS

Having POS in store can help drive sales and allow customers to self-select which supports owners, pharmacists and relieves pressure on pharmacy teams.

Through the pandemic, QR codes have become more commonly used and are now a widely accepted means of providing critical information about product features & benefits, instructions for use and ingredients. These can be a silent salesperson to customers as well as a trainer to staff and we recommend that they should be used where possible on POS.

How do you ensure your POS gets used as a brand?

80% of Customers in a recent survey called ‘Unlocking Retail’ by shopper described their last in-store shopping experience as really enjoyable. Customers like the tangible experience of getting to know a product.

Therefore, creating informative, clever POS that customers gravitate towards is key. Eye-catching however is the key element for any POS. In a busy retail environment, it must stand out and invite the consumer to want to learn more.

Providing this key product information without taking up too much room on shelf or making the pharmacy look cluttered can give customers seamless access to product information quickly while also supporting the customers shopping experience.

POS delivery method

POS needs to be delivered via a distribution method that the pharmacy staff are expecting or delivered by a sales representative. POS deliveries direct to pharmacy unaccompanied by relevant product or instructions are likely to be discarded when they reach the store.

At Alita Sales, we assist our brokerage brands by shipping any POS through our distribution centres with our product orders and POS instructions. We can also deliver POS for brands supplied through the wholesalers who don’t have the capacity to offer this service.

This helps remind the pharmacy assistant about the conversation they had with the Alita representative and the POS and product comes directly from Alita rather than a 3PL.

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