The biggest Retail Pharmacy challenges

The latest Alita Pharmacy Tracker results

At Alita Sales, we are interested to see how the current climate with added responsibility, higher volume of services needed and how this is affecting the business of retail pharmacy. So, we recently undertook an Alita SalesTracker survey where we asked a number of our retail pharmacy customers what the about the biggest challenges facing their business today are. We then analysed the data and categorised the results into six key areas. This article discusses the two biggest challenges as well as the other challenges they nominated.

Who Completed the Survey?

The survey respondents were principally either Pharmacists, retail managers or pharmacy assistants who identified themselves as buyers. So this is a good indication of the decision-makers in pharmacy who determine what health and beauty products to stock.

Who do the results say?

Here’s what we found from the results. Staff related and stock related challenges came out on top as either the #1 or #2 challenge, while time related, financial/competition, operational related and customer related challenges were less problematic.

  • 34% Stock related challenges
  • 34% Staff related challenges
  • 11% Time related challenges
  • 9% Financial/competition challenges
  • 9% Operational related challenges
  • 3% Customer related challenges

What was nominated by most as the #1 challenge?

Ability to find reliable & experienced staff

While the top two challenges combined are clearly staff and stock, the number one challenge is staff related.

  • 36% Staff related challenges
  • 33% Stock related challenges
  • 13% Time related challenges
  • 8% Financial/Competition challenges
  • 8% Operational related challenges
  • 2% Customer related challenges

What was nominated by most as the #2 challenge?

“Being out of stock takes hours each day chasing up stock

The top two challenges remained as Stock and Staff issues, but interestingly operational and finance/competition challenges ranked more highly as a second challenge.

  • 38% Stock related challenges
  • 29% Staff related challenges
  • 12% Operational related challenges
  • 11%Financial/Competition challenges
  • 8% Time related challenges
  • 2% Customer related challenges

What does this mean if you are a Brand selling through Retail Pharmacies?

Understanding the challenges that Retail Pharmacies are facing today allows you to develop strategies to help support them better. Over the coming months we will be covering strategies on how to best do this. In the meantime, have a read of our recent article on the importance of clever POS plus an summary of a recent article on the latest Health and Beauty retail trends

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