Who We Partner With

About our partnerships

Alita Sales partner with all pharmacy banner groups, wholesalers, and exhibit with our brands at the APP Pharmacy trade show each year.  Our partnerships are built on a foundation of trust and mutual success with the objective to build long term, successful relationships between the brand and the industry partner.


In a retail market as competitive as pharmacy in which some brands use major wholesalers, some sell direct and some use commission agents, it is important to have a choice. Alita Sales has established successful partnerships with all the leading wholesalers in Australia so that we uniquely have all three distribution or brokerage options covered.


We work closely with all banner groups to achieve the shared objectives and sales goals of both the brand and the banner group.  Our relationships and expertise in banner group management have helped many of our pharmacy brands establish themselves, achieve sales targets and grow their businesses to new heights in just some of the banner groups listed below.

Industry Trade Shows

Our team of sales and marketing professionals participate in all major pharmacy trade shows, including the Australian Pharmacy Professionals (APP) Conference , every year. 

Pharmacists, Pharmacy Staff, Australian Pharmacy Wholesalers, leading Pharmacy Brands and industry professionals attend trade shows so they can touch, feel and see how our Brands can be merchandised in-store. These trade shows allow time for our staff to talk with pharmacy staff about benefits of different products without the interruptions.

Analytics & BI Tools

Alita Sales leverage Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) tools to help the brands we represent grow their market share. By utilising these tools, we can analyse large amounts of data and provide this to our brand partners to maximise the growth and development of their business and gaining an edge over their competitors.