Why Kenkay is No.1

We at Alita understand that every brand that we work with is unique and that we often need to develop individual sales and distribution strategies for each brand. We love supporting our leading brands and are proud of their success in the pharmacy industry.

In our last article we discussed what makes a no.1 seller in pharmacy, why customers love no.1 brands and how these brands achieve number one status. In this article we explore a little of Kenkay’s story and what makes them the no.1 Sorbolene in Australian Pharmacy.

Kenkay has a few key things that have created their success. Firstly, their rich formula is like no other and they have continued to produce this for 40 years. Keeping this level of quality has gained them a loyal, dedicated customer following. Brands such as Kenkay also offer good margins for pharmacy profitability and increase customer traffic.

Building customer loyalty through unchanged classic formulations: How Kenkay has regained no.1


This year Kenkay celebrates 40 years of Australian Made and owned quality Skincare products. Kenkay’s success lies in its quality and consistency.  Sorbolene is a core pharmacy staple and used by millions of Australians each year, and the format was first introduced by Kenkay in the 1980’s.

Many brands have followed, often launching significantly cheaper and inferior formulations. Rather than following in their footsteps, Kenkay has stubbornly maintained the quality of its formulation, the integrity of its production process and the ongoing sourcing of pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Consumers may have been tempted away by cheaper alternatives, but have always returned to the rich, thick authentic Kenkay formulations. To achieve no.1 status in such a competitive market speaks to the importance of a brand maintaining consistent quality and formulations over many years. It can be tempting for brands to “revitalise” or “reinvent” classic brands but as anyone who remembers the “new Coke” debacle, when you have a classic brand loved by many, don’t mess with it!


Kenkay’s enduring success can be attributed to several key factors that have shaped their legacy. Their unwavering commitment to maintaining a rich, unchanged formula for over four decades has cultivated a devoted and loyal customer base.

Brands like Kenkay that offer consistency, good margins and continuous quality are loved by customers. They bring a level of recognition and trust that’s truly hard to beat. These brands have often earned a stellar reputation for their tried and tested formulars, quality and effectiveness over time. When pharmacies offer such beloved brands, they benefit from the positive association’s customers have with them, leading to increased sales and strengthened customer loyalty.

At Alita, we deeply appreciate the uniqueness of every brand we collaborate with. Our passion lies in celebrating, promoting and unlocking our leading brands potential. We take immense pride in their remarkable achievements within the pharmacy industry.

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